Client and Patient Testimonials

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"Dr. Pike and his team were FABULOUS when one my cats contracted Cytauxzoon felis (also know as “bobcat fever”) and was at death’s doorstep with two paws over the threshold. Dr. Pike’s knowledge, experience and “don’t give up hope until all hope is gone” attitude gave both of us the will to fight and not just give up on euthanasia. Today, Oscar is back to his healthy, happy and ornery self. While not all situations can have such a happy ending, the care and attention provided by Dr.Pike and his entire staff (along with their patience with a very stressed out “mom”) was a big factor in this success story. Many thanks to all of you!"
T & O Goeringer

"Wonderful, family owned business, working hard and long hours to ensure your pets are cared for and treated appropriately! While treating each family as if we are all family here at the Animal Hospital of Eureka Springs! Thank you Dr. Pike for all the hard work you do! Thank you for loving my animals as much as I do!"
Rhian Herring-Denning

"The Animal Hospital has excellent service and an incredible team! They were gracious enough to watch over my cat Zeppelin for a full week while his paw healed from surgery. Thanks Dr. Pike!"
Heath Redding

"Thay are so good with my kakiya thay have a wonderful staff an a great Dr thanks for taking such good care of my girl you all rock"
Gloria Waldrop

"Very professional and takes excellent care of our pets!"
Jody S. Nelson

"I started losing my sight when I was 86 (14 in Dog Years). One trip to the Animal Hospital of Eureka Springs and I could see again! Thanks Dr. Pike for showing me the light!"